Arp Warden

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In addition to their civilian occupations, many men who had not been called up for service during WW2 volunteered for civil defence, one of the roles therein was that of Air Raid Precautions staff. The job entailed patrolling looking for unconcealed lights as well as assisting/guiding people to the nearest shelter in the event of an air raid taking place.

Known Wardens

Some individuals in the 1939 England and Wales Register of Civilians listed their ARP role. The names listed below are the known individuals in that occupation[1].

Name Age (1939) Given Occupation Home Address (Street) Arp role (if given)
Abrahams, T. W. Superintendent
Kenton, Frederick Cabinet maker, furniture and Property Valuer Brittany Road
Stubberfield, Margaret 29 Dressmaker & Felter Highlands Mews Ambulance Driver & Fire-fighting Squad
Hayward, Evelyn 19 Shorthand Typist Highlands Mews Communications
Harrison, William 52 Newsagents Essenden Road Warden ('O' Group Hastings)
Harrison, Florence 54 Housewife Essenden Road Warden ('O' Group Hastings)
Hefford, Norah 65 Housewife Warden & W. V. S.
Hefford, Joan 25 Secretary Ambulance Driver W. V. S.
Earwaker, Henry Senior ARP Warden High Street Senior Warden
Hutton, Harold Solicitor (Retd.) Clyde Road Warden
Shepherd, William ARP Storesman and Instructor Kings Road
Penfold, Caroline Housewife Bexhill Road
Stubberfield, Margaret Dressmaker Highland Mews Ambulance Driver & Firefighting
Bayward, Elizabeth Shorthand Typist Highland Mews Communications

References & Notes

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