72 St. Mary's Road

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72 St. Mary's Road
General information
Address72 St. Mary's Road
Advertisement for Bones Timber company in 1881

In 1881, number 72 St. Mary's Road was owned by F. R. Bones - the proprietor of the well known timber merchant who had their business premises at Earl Street[1], Francis being resident in Rye at the time[2]. In 1886, Thomas Cousins was a tenant, renting two rooms at £1 per month. August 1892 shows a 'Mrs. B.' advertising for a tenant.

By 1894, the property was advertised as being up for sale tenanted at a rent of 10s per week; the description revealing four bedrooms, three sitting rooms, a breakfast room and, unusually for the period, two toilets[3]. It would appear that a Mr Frank Heathfield was either the purchaser or the tenant - a probate dating to 1912 revealing him being resident then[4].

In 1937, there is an obituary for George Phillips aged 67 - ex dispensing pharmacist of the Sussex Drug Stores at 10 Robertson Street, listed as residing at the address. George started the post as an errand-boy and worked his way up to this position. He was advised to take an outdoor position for health reasons and later in life worked for the Borough as a gardener. He was survived by his wife, the couple not appearing to have any children[5].

The British Newspaper Archive does not appear to have any further mentions of the address post-1937.

A search of planning applications reveals that the windows were replaced in 1970 by presumably the, then resident, Mrs Dunkley - attachment 2 is the permission letter [6]

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