Union Workhouse

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Pest Houses[edit]

The first workhouses, or 'Pest House for Paupers' were funded by Parish funds, and located towards the outskirts of the parish boundaries. St. Leonards Poorhouse was the last one established, in part due to the relatively new nature of the town, and in part because there was a policy by the town's Commissioners to lodge their destitute either with established families, where they could earn their keep, or by removing them to other towns
St. Mary-in-the-Castle poorhouse, opposite York Buildings
St. Clement’s, at the western end of George Street (now number 42)
All Saints near the Old London Road, on the site what became the Springfield Nursery
St. Leonards Poorhouse was established at or near the Bohemia Road end of Magdalen Road based upon descriptions given by Brett[1]

1834 Poor Law[edit]

In 1834, a new 'Poor Law' was passed on the 14th of August, which necessitated the closure of the small, parish poor-houses of which almost every church in town had one[2]. There is reference to a 'new workhouse' located in Elphinstone Road during 1888 in connection with the sinking of a well[3] Later located in Cackle Street (latterly Frederick Road), which became St Helen's Hospital; the workhouse being run in parallel to the hospital until the 1960s[4].