Priory Road

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Priory Road
Other Names
Former name(s)The Castle Hill Road
Barracks Road


Formerly The Castle Hill Road and Barracks Road. The houses that used to exist on the east side at Halton were demolished in the early 1960s, starting with the ones closest to Mount Pleasant Road first, then finishing with the ones adjacent to Ann Street in 1963[1]. This road was renumbered during 1902.[2]



Name Street No From To
Albion Place 1902
Baptists Mission Hall 1871
Fortune of War 249 1824 1960
Plynlimmon House 1873
Priory Road Reservoir
T. & T. Candies Ltd. 239-241 1969 1969
W. J. Clout & Sons 239-241 1923 1924
Weavers 427 1956
West Hill Lodge (Hastings)
Whitefriars Hotel 127 1876 2008



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