West Hill Windmills

From Historical Hastings

The West Hill Windmills were a prominent and picturesque landmark of the town during the 19th century. The site of the mills is now believed to be roughly co-incident with Plynlimmon Road. A well-used footpath led from alongside the mills to the Barrack Ground. This footpath was stopped up by the owners of the land (Mrs Milward) in 1837 and led to a poem being published in the same year via Bretts Gazette as follows[1];

"In 1837 a path was stopped,
Where present writer frequently had hopped,
And which said stoppage he the right to try,
Did all the printed notices defy.
'Twas Mrs Milward's arbitrary act,
Which soon she found it prudent to retract;
If thou would'st know where was this pathway found,
It led from West Hill Mills to Barrack Ground"



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