Walter Inskipp (1795-1855)

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Walter Inskipp
Born11 March 1795
Died17 August 1855
Spouse(s)Elizabeth Ellis (1802-1875)

Walter Inskipp was a local architect[1] and surveyor. Little has been discovered about his early life other than his marriage to Elizabeth Ellis in 1828, but in 1831, he was listed as a surveyor at 55 George Street in connection with the letting of Hastings House[2] and again in 1837[3]. In 1834, he is listed as the architect in a request for tenders to construct a new road over the Gensing Farm running from 'The Warriors Gate to the Hollington Road' - now London Road[4]. 1837 sees him listed as surveyor for the 'Magdalen Estate' overseeing plans to divert a footpath from Cuckoo Hill to 'The Hollington Road' - the latter being modern-day Battle Road[5]. Both this and the later letting of Hastings House[3] have his address as being London Road, although a house number/name is not given.

During 1841, he is listed as the owner of 10 Grand Parade (numbers 1 to 12 having been designed by him in 1831, construction being completed in 1832, and originally named 'Adelaide Place'[6]and living in London Road[7]), with a retrospective by Brett stating that he was resident at 'Saxon House', Grand Parade, the ground floor of which was a booking office for the London and Brighton coaches - although Brett gives the number as 16. This may be correct - Brett not giving any exact date for this[8]. In 1842, he was fined 10s. for leaving a jury assembled for the Hastings Quarter Sessions[9], again being a member of a jury in 1854, although this time it would appear he stayed in court for the proceedings[10]. He constructed numbers 1 and 3 Warrior Square in 1845[11], although it is uncertain as to whether he resided in either of these properties. In addition to the various construction projects previously listed, Walter designed a number of reservoirs around the town[12]

Later, in 1851 he is listed as being at Cliff Cottages, 3 White Rock Place in 1851[13][14](now Eversfield Place). Walter passed away on the 17th of August 1855[15].


Children of: Walter Inskipp and Elizabeth Ellis (1802-1875)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Alice Inskipp (1828-1877)


Janett Inskipp (1831-1883)


Charlotte Inskipp (1833-1868)


Mary Inskipp (1835-1902)


Elizabeth Inskipp (1838-1896)


Rosabel Inskipp (1845-)


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