Royal Observer Corps Post

From Historical Hastings

In the event of the Cold War suddenly becoming 'hot', an organisation of volunteers known as the Royal Observer Corps was assigned the task of detecting and plotting the nuclear explosions. They were organised into six sectors; Caledonian, Northern, Western, Eastern, Southern and Metropolitan; Hastings being in the latter sector.

A number of 'satellite' posts supporting two or three men consisting of a small concrete bunker with the detection equipment were tasked with plotting the light and shock-waves caused by blasts. The posts were organised in groups of three or four posts, each of which reported to a group control, then up to sector controls who could from the information given calculate the size of the blast and, given weather conditions, the path and extent of any nuclear fallout.

Fallout warnings were organised into two categories: Black which meant that fallout was imminent and Grey which meant that the fallout was expected within the hour. A series of maroons were to be fired indicating to the civilian population that they should shelter.

The Hastings ROC Post was located at Fairlight, just below the Coastguard Station. Due to its proximity to the station it is believed that the post is substantially complete.