Rev. John H. Fisk (1793-1886)

From Historical Hastings

Born in Norwich, the Rev. J. H. Fisk married there in 1825, moving to Islington, Middlesex by the time of his daughter's birth in the following year. Then followed a move to Oxford by the time of the 1851 Census. By the 1861 Census, he had moved to Hastings, settling in East Cliff House[1] for around thirty-two years until his death in 1886[2].

He was a man of substantial private means, living off his income from property in the Norwich area and other investments after his retirement from the clergy and was noted for his generosity for good causes, having once given £500 towards the Infirmary funds; this being surpassed by an order of magnitude in his donation of £3,000 to the Norwich Cathedral fund[2].

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