Parker's School

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This school, founded as a result of William Parker's legacy in 1619 was one of the fore-runners to Hastings Grammar School.

Around 1800, the school was located in Upper Lane, off High Street with Mr Joseph Hannay as the headmaster. In 1816, the school shifted west to the America Ground and was over a rope-maker's workshop under the tutelage of Mr Slade, roughly where Carlisle Parade now stands. For many years, this was the main school within the borough. A further move took place on the 3rd of Nov 1817 to a building near The Croft, the Croft Road School House, this time under Mr Thorpe. At this time, the school had 120 pupils on its roll.[1]

A move back to Upper Lane then occurred with Mr Rubie as head teacher. After Mr Rubie's death in 1830, Mr John Banks took over as headmaster in 1844, moving the school to Bleak House[2] in Portland Steps, Stonefield Road and remained head teacher until its merger with Saunder's school in 1878 to become the Grammar School[1] at which time he retired.

Notable Pupils

Thomas Mann (1816-1903)


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