John's Place (House)

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John's Place (House)
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AddressJohn's Place
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A house off Bohemia Road that was purchased by Hastings Borough Council for £7,500 to become the town's main museum in 1927.


The Observer notes that plans were submitted for a dwelling house at Bohemia-road, Mrs. Kidd, owner, Mr. H. W.Coussens, architect in 1923.[1] The house was named after the owner's youngest son, John died in 1909 whilst studying medicine[2]

The HSLO reported that Dr. B. M. Kidd, John's-place Cambridge-road; was now on the phone at Hastings 1508.[3]

In 1927 Mrs. Kidd sold John’s Place and its 2¾ acres to the council for a bargain price of £7,500.

HSLO Saturday 29 September 1928 noted the presence of Mrs. Kidd at the Museum opening ceremonies and that John's Place had also been home to her daughter, Dr. Mary Kidd, the family having seven children in total[2].


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