Hastings Embroidery

From Historical Hastings

At 243 ft. long, the embroidery was commissioned by Group Captain Ralph Ward to mark the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. It shows 81 of the great events of British history since William the Conqueror’s time. The embroidery was shown to the public, first in the Town Hall, then in The Triodome on Hastings Pier in 1966 with a quarter of a million people reported to have visited the exhibition.[1] Consisting of 27 panels, each 9 ft × 3 ft (2.7 m × 0.9 m), it took 22 embroiderers 10 months to finish.

It subsequently was displayed for a period in the Sussex Room at the White Rock Pavilion, then went into storage for a number of years, however was recently exhibited in Rye during 2019. A video showing the embroidery can be seen on Youtube.


References & Notes