Gas storage tank construction 1892-1893

From Historical Hastings

This sequence of images show the gas storage tanks or Gasometers being built at Queen's Road Gas works between 1892 and 1893. Although the plaques on the side of the gasometer show the date of 1889 alongside the town's crest, this is when all materials were ordered and cast, not when built. Manufacture of 'Town Gas' (or Coal Gas) had ceased almost entirely on the site by the date of construction (the Glyne Gap Gasworks were on-stream by 1907 and any production on the Queen's Road site was banned by that date.[1] Much of the adjoining land, save for a few workshops between the storage tanks and Gas Showrooms was then taken over by Maidstone and District as the local bus depot.

The tanks were a feature of the Queen's Road skyline for almost 100 years. Similar tanks can still be seen just along the coast at Eastbourne.


References & Notes

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