G W Bradshaw (1857-1917)

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G. W. Bradshaw
Born1857 Shoreditch
Died1917 Eastbourne

George William Bradshaw was born in 1857 in Shoreditch, London, the eldest son of a professional photographer W. S. Bradshaw. During 1886, a company known as W. S. Bradshaw & Sons bought the Memorial Photographic Studio from Constantine Jennings.[1]

A photographic studio was known to have existed on the top floor of the ​building​ that spanned 51-52 Robertson Street since approximately 1864. In the early days of occupying the site, Bradshaw retained the name "The Memorial Studio" for the business in Robertson Street, but after a few years, his name "George W. Bradshaw" overtook the traditional name. The Memorial Studio in Hastings was described as a branch studio, but it is apparent that this was the main business of G W Bradshaw. Between 1887 until 1901, when the studio sold to another photographer, S. H. Shaw, trade directories list the proprietor of the studio at 51 Robertson Street, Hastings, as George W. Bradshaw. In spite of George W. Bradshaw's photographs that were taken in Hastings carrying the caption "Branch Studio of The London School of Photography, Newgate Street, London, E.C.", the company name "W. S. Bradshaw & Sons" is not printed on any photographs known to be produced at the Robertson Street studio.[1]

There is mention of a sequence of photographs taken by George W. Bradshaw of All Souls Church in during 1893, with the proceeds of the sale of the same going to fund the organ.[2]

He died in Eastbourne during 1917

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