F. Rossiter

From Historical Hastings

Born in Torquay, F. Rossiter was a 'Dispensing' chemist operating from premises originally in the Old Town, moving to Grand Parade. Originally appearing to have been trading from 20 George Street circa 1874[1] until 1881[2], living in the premises with his wife and daughter. Frederick Rossiter's name also comes up in connection with being appointed Secretary for the Hastings School of Art at Claremont, this connection remaining until the 1930s[3].

He was a Mason, joining the Hastings' Derwent Lodge in 1873[4]

By 1903 he is appointed as a local secretary for the science examinations by the school board[5]

Mr. Rossiter also served as a Church Warden for St Clements Church in the late 19th century[6].

It would appear that a relative took over the practice in the 1910s because there is a J. Rossiter listed at the business address after that time in local newspapers.

By 1905, he had moved both his business to 9 Grand Parade[7], being listed as a widower by 1911 living alone at 33 Silchester Road[8].


:20;George Street;1874;1905
9;Grand Parade;1905


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