Dunmore School

From Historical Hastings

The earliest mention in the press relates to an advertisement for a domestic servant in 1893 for premises named as Dunmore, Combermere Road, no mention is given at that date of the premises being a school[1]. By 1900, the property is listed as being up for let, providing "3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms and the usual offices"[2]. On the 4th of May 1901, the property finally appears as a "Home school for the daughters of gentlemen" and a preparatory school for young boys under the tutelage of the Misses Waymouth[3].

London Road

By 1907, the school would appear to have removed to London Road, occupying a terrace of ​building​s opposite North Road. The school would appear to have gone into decline during the early period of WW2, rooms being advertised as lodgings by May of 1940[4], with the final mention in the press of the school being in August of that year[5]


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