Denmark House (Denmark Place)

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Denmark House (Denmark Place)

Constructed in what was the front gardens of numbers two and three Prior's Cottages, this ​building​ was constructed by Frederick Waters at some point between 1854 and 1867 following the death of his father-in-law[1] as his residence, the house later giving rise to the street Denmark Place. An additional property Denmark Villa was constructed in the front garden of number 1. By 1867, Denmark Villa would appear to have been utilised as a lodging house for holiday-makers[2]. Eliza, Frederick's wife passed away on August the 9th, 1885 and it would appear that the lodging house business was wound up soon after[3], advertisements in the 'Fashionable Intelligence' column of the Hastings & St. Leonards Observer dropping off after this date. Around the same

During 1901, both Denmark Villa and the cottage to the rear were put up for sale by estate agents Woodhams, Son and Parks as tenanted properties for £1000 - the properties having not sold at auction[4]. Denmark house underwent some conversion work in 1934[5].


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