Cigar Cabin

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{{Expansion depth limit exceeded| image = | pix = | subject = | article = article | qualifier = | category = Pages needing re-write | tempsort = no | lowercase = n | name = Template:STUB }} The Cigar Cabin at Harold Place was opened by Henry Samuel Steers (1857-1944) of 3 Magdalen Road in 1918 and from newspaper advertisements would appear to have continued trading until at least 1935[1]. Mr Spears celebrated his 79th wedding anniversary in 1935 from the newspaper report referenced above; being married to Miss Catherine Francis Denman (1858-) during 1885. Prior to opening this business, he was a coach-driver, then a riding master and job-master. Henry was still resident in the town during 1939, but by the time of his death in 1944, he would appear to have moved to Gloucester[2]

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