Cavendish Place

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Cavendish Place
General information
AddressCroft Road

Number 1, Cavendish place was most likely constructed circa 1831, when it appears in the Poor Rate assessments as belonging to Charles Frederick Nott.[1] Remaining in his possession until around 1850, when the tenants were the Rev. Edgar Rust between 1837-183, Susanna Stott 1844-1849, then a name of Flood.

By July of 1870, there was formed a terrace of eight houses, number 1 being owned and occupied by Thomas Dawes. April 1880 sees Samuel James Heathfield through 1890, the ​building​s being absorbed into Croft Road by around 1900[2][a]


References & Notes

  1. Brett in his Manuscript Histories gives the date of absorption into Cavendish Place of the terrace (Cavendish Terrace) as 1851
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