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From Historical Hastings

Closure dates:

Admiral Benbow, London Road, closed 2008.

Angel, St Mary’s Terrace, closed 2008.

Beaconsfield, Hughenden Road, closed 2009.

Bohemia Arms, Bohemia Road, closed 1971.

Brahms and Liszt, Marina, closed 1987.

Bulverhythe, Bexhill Road, closed 2010, became a convenience store, demolished 2019

Castle Hotel, Wellington Square, demolished 1966.

Clifton Tavern, Stainsby Street, closed 1990s

Clive Vale Hotel, Old London Road, closed 1992 later demolished.

Coach and Horses, Mews Road, closed in 1950s

Cricketers, South Terrace, (became Priory) closed 1996.

Crypt, Robertson Street, (multi name changes) closed 2010.

Duke of Cornwall, Post Office Pass, closed 1967. Demolished

Dun Horse, Albion Street, closed 1958. Demolished

Edinburgh Castle, St Georges Road, closed 1971. Demolished

Foresters Arms, Shepherd Street, closed 1969.

Fortune of War, Priory Road, closed 1969. Demolished

The Fox, previously called the British Queen, North Street, closed 2009.

Freemasons Tavern, Wellington Place, closed 1958.

Gaiety, Queens Road, closed 1971.

George Inn, All Saints Street, closed 1952.

Grand Hotel, White Rock, closed 1958. Demolished

Granville, Whitefriars Road, closed 90s.

Halton Tavern, Old London Road, closed 1961.

Hare and Hounds, Old London Road, closed 2006.

Hole in the Wall, Hill Street, closed 1971.

International Navy, Barley Lane, closed 1990s.

Jolly Fisherman, East Beach Street, closed 1959, reopened 2018.

Kicking Donkey, Hill Street, closed 1956.

Kings Head, Courthouse Street, closed 2009.

Langham, Elphinstone Road, closed 2009.

Malvern, Malvern Way, closed 2005.

The Manor, Manor Road, closed 2009.

Marina Inn, Caves Road, closed 1990s.

Mr Cherrys, Marina,( various name changes) closed 2012

Pilot Inn, Queens Road, closed 1971.

Prince Albert, Rock-a-Nore, closed 1954.

Prince of Wales, Bohemia Road, closed 1971.

Prince Albert, Cornwallis street, Closed 2019

Queen Adelaide, West Street, closed 2008.

Railway Hotel, Havelock Road, closed 1964 later demolished.

Red House, Emmanuel Road, closed 1953.

Red Lion, Stone Street, closed 1953.

Rising Sun, East Parade, closed 1970.

Royal Sussex Arms, Old London Road, closed 2009.

Silverhill Tavern, closed 2014 ? Demolished.

Smugglers, White Rock, closed 2009.

Sun Inn, Tackleway, closed 1970.

Tivoli Tavern, Battle road, demolished 2013

Victoria Inn, Battle road, closed 2015 ? Now a Co-op

Volunteer, Middle Street, closed 1956.

Warriors Gate, London Road, closed 2006.

Wishing Tree, Wishing Tree road, closed 2013 demolished.

Wheatsheaf, Bohemia Road, closed 2009.

White Hart, Norman Road, closed 1953.

Whitefriars, Priory Road, closed 2008.

York Hotel, York Buildings, closed 1964. Demolished