Rowe Carswell (1773-1837)

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A miller and baker[1] known to have two of the four windmills (one possibly the property mapped by William Herbert in his plan of Hastings Castle as 'Old Mill House', opposite the Whitefriars Hotel) known to have existed on the West Hill from 1812 to 1830. He also owned a granary on Plynlimmon Terrace. He was also a baker with a property at 56 High Street.[2]

Rowe would appear to have had a complex personal life, being involved with two separate women, both named Elizabeth. He had a child by Elizabeth Waters in 1796, then in 1799 a child by Elizabeth Foster (1776-1838), eventually marrying Miss Foster in 1801 and going on to have a further six children, five of whom survived to adulthood. In 1832, he was listed as being resident at 50 George Street[3].

Two or three of the West Hill windmills were still extant in 1874, the last remaining one (a Smock Mill) being sold on the 28th March 1874.


Children of: Short name: Rowe Carswell

and Joined with-g1: Elizabeth Foster (1776-1838)

Name Birth Death Joined with
Harriet Foster(1799-1882) 1799 Boykett Breeds (1794-1861)

Jane Carswell (1801-1881) November 1801 4 January 1881 William Ransom (1801-1849)

Anne Carswell (1803–1873) 1803 1873 Edward Farncomb (1782–1851)

William Carswell (1808-1858) (1808-1858)


Ellen Carswell (1814-1895) 1814 1895 Arthur Sawyer Brook

James Carswell (1818-1878) 1818 1878 Susannah Breeds (1816-1859)

Charles Carswell (1820-1823)


Children of: Short name: Rowe Carswell

and Joined with-g2: Elizabeth Waters (-)

Name Birth Death Joined with
Honor Carswell Waters (1796-1828)



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