From Historical Hastings
Lithograph c1845
Construction start1828

Marina was originally designed by Burton to be a mirrored terrace of collonaded houses either side of the Royal Victoria Hotel. Construction started circa 1828 with the Hotel being started first, then the two terraces, of nine houses each, being completed by the end of the following year[1] The houses further from the hotel were completed over the next two years or so as follows;

  • 1829 - Numbers 36 to 56[1]
  • 1829/30 - Numbers 15-33 (of which five houses between nos 27 and 33 fell down soon after construction and required re-building)[1]

During 1831, numbers 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33, together with the Conqueror Hotel were put up for sale at auction as investment properties[2]

A colonnade of shops with limited accommodation above was constructed on the seaward side of the parade; South Colonnade.

A portion of the terrace to the east of the Hotel was subsequently demolished during the 1930s for the construction of Marine Court.

A cliff fall in the vicinity of Marina revealed some Bronze Age palstaves[3]

The steps behind Marine Court leading up to East Ascent used to be in a circular form and were replaced with those today circa 1844[4]



Name Street No From To
Azur 2004
Crown House 57 1829
Harold Hotel 21 1830
Marine Court 1936
Prussia House 93
South Colonnade 1-9 1828 1929
Strathcona Hotel 105 1969 2003
Sun Lounge 1937 2004
Sussex Tap 1830 1860
Westgarth Hotel 27 1880
Westgarth Hotel 145 1935