London Road

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London Road

Now one of the main thoroughfares from St Leonards seafront to the junction at Silverhill. The roads were linked up finally in around 1838, with the road being dedicated in 1849[1]. This road was renumbered during 1902.[2] Prior to around 1860 when large-scale development further north and the work on the sea-wall resulted in the beach becoming inaccessible to wheeled transport, there were two large capstans at the sea-ward end of the road to facilitate hauling colliers up on the beach to discharge their loads of coal for St Leonards[3]


Documented Features[edit]

Name Street No From To
Barham House 66

Borgeauds 51 1944
G. Bristow 15 1845 1891
D. C. Williams 105
E. Gray & Sons 138 1890 1915
Farmers Direct 40 1980
Farmers Direct 269 1980
Moulton & Son Wine Merchant
P. A. Fisher and Son 381
St Matthews Church
St. Leonards British School 45a 1880
T. Munn 3
The Clarence (Silverhill) 391 1869
The Royal Dairy 40 1880 1945
The Royal Dairy 1873


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