Eversfield Place

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Eversfield Place
JunctionsVerulam Place
Warrior Square
Construction start1851

Birth of the seafront[edit]

Construction of Eversfield Place started with a number of groups of terraces and individual buildings in 1851[1], all the buildings sharing a common front-line. The various terraces/buildings and corresponding street numbers are below;

Original Name Date constructed Current day numbering
1 & 2 Cliff Cottages Pre 1834[2] 5 - 6
Helmington Place[1] 1851 62-63
Agincourt Terrace[1] 1851 5-10
Eversfield House & Eversfield Place[1] 1851 12-20

During the construction of numbers 42 to 46, there was a major fire at the building sites caused by a fire that was thought to have been put out being re-kindled. This resulted in the near-total collapse of the properties under construction and an insurance payout in excess of £1,000 for re-building[3]

St Margaret's Church[edit]

St Margaret's Church is believed to have originally stood at the top of the cliffs behind Eversfield Place. Whilst work was being carried out at the rear of number 50 to remove some rock-falls, Alderman [[Robert Deudney]] recalled that ruins of the church was said to have been found.[4]



Name Street No From To
Agincourt Terrace 5-10 1851
Alexandra Hotel 32 1876 1984
Bottle Alley 1934
Eversfield Mansions 5
Helmington Place 62-63 1851
Randolph Hotel 7-8
The Alexandra 32 1984