William Reeves (1799-1867)

From Historical Hastings

Founder of Reeves Antique Shop which gave its name to Reeves Corner

His death was reported in The Hastings & St. Leonards Chronicle of February 21st 1866 thus

"On Friday afternoon Mr William Reeves broker and furniture dealer attended a sale at Mr Breed's yard and feeling somewhat unwell on leaving called at the King's Head Inn, where he rested, and drank a little brandy. He then appeared better and went to his shop immediately opposite. After sitting there as he was accustomed to do, for about ¼ hour, he walked across the road and fell upon the pavement. Mr King the landlord of the King's Head Inn, saw him fall, and immediately ran to him and with assistance took him into his house. He breathed heavily when raised from the ground, but did not speak and no signs of life were afterwards visible. A messenger was sent immediately for medical assistance and Mr Moore surgeon of High Street arrived in a very short space of time, but the vital spark had fled. It appears apoplexy was the immediate cause of death. The deceased had been a tradesman in this town for about 40 years and was much respected. His age was 67."