White Rock Bandstand

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In 1883 a lady resident of St Leonards offered to give £50 for the erection of an ornamental band stand, to be erected on the roof of the White Rock Baths. An application was made to the council by a Mr. W. L. Vernon, on behalf of the English Town Band for permission to place a band stand temporarily during the summer season, at a spot on the roof of the Baths, but the Council did not believe they had the authority to grant permission because, although they had the right to walk on it, the roof belonged to the Baths Company. Mr. Vernon was told to deal with was the Baths Company, and that if he could obtain their permission, and there was no objection raised by the householders opposite, they did not anticipate he would find out any difficulty. The Roads Committee was informed that the people living opposite had been consulted, and had one and all given consent.

In 1896 the Corporation took over the control, management and repair of the Band Stand, agreeing to keep the Band Stand in good and decorative, repair and condition, and not in any way to alter the same or the positions thereof without the consent of the Company and to pay the Company in respect of the said Band Stand the sum of 2s. 6d. on the 1st of January in every year; and to remove the same within one calendar month after notice in writing.[1]

In 1912, the bandstand was relocated from its position above the White Rock Baths to a location closer to Hastings Pier on rollers. This move was documented in a number of photographs[2]

War Memorial

For a short period after World War 1, the bandstand was enclosed and formed part of a War Memorial, this being later located permanently in Alexandra Park


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