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Part of St Mary in the Castle parish, this was formerly known as Wellfield and Cognore. The area is shown as area G and 51 on the John Shorter map of the Milward estate in 1769.[1]

1612: Sabbus Stevenson of Hastings (tailor) and & Sarah sold land for £100 to William Parker.
1640: William Parker of Hampton, co. Warwick Courtopp's stables
1661: Will of Anne Barlow left Courtopp's Stables to her kinsfolk
1704: Mortgaged to Thomas Moore for £120
1712: Release by William Phipps
1714: Will of Stephen Gawan, innholder
1718: Will of Mercy Gawan to daughters
1721: Release by Benjamin Meadow
1745: Benjamin Meadow died intestate
1766: Edward Milward intestate
1826: Edward Milward
1827: Sale to Henry Thomas (Earl of Chichester) for £100

References & Notes

  1. Hastings Record Book 1612, Milward Bundle 43