Wallinger's Walk

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Wallinger's Walk
Named AfterRev. William Wallinger

Wallinger's Walk, running between Castle Hill Road and Castledown Terrace is named after the Rev. William Wallinger and runs alongside the graveyard to St Mary In The Castle.

The footpath was the scene of a tragic accident in early March, 1897, when a 79 year old man, Ebenezer Trimming, was crushed by the collapse of a sandstone wall adjacent to the walk. During the inquest held on the 12th of March 1897 it was felt by the Borough Surveyor that an accumulation of water had developed behind the wall in an area where the total height of the wall (including foundations) was some 18 feet, with 7-8 feet being above ground. The action of the water had weakened the mortar, with the result that the wall failed leading to the fatality. The wall had been constructed some three years previously by the local builder William Stace, who gave evidence to the inquest that the wall was intended for bill-posting and that the mortar mix was of adequate quality and strong winds had blown down the wall, a fact that was disputed by the Borough Surveyor. A juror at the inquest noted that the wall had not been adequately tied in, nor bonded in to the foundations. Following the Coroner's summing up, the jury returned a verdict that the death of Mr. Trimming was an 'Accidental Death' and that they had an opinion that the construction of the wall was defective and more careful supervision over the construction of such walls adjoining public thoroughfares was required[1].

The adjoining graveyard - that of St Mary In The Castle church was damaged during WW2 when buildings nearby were destroyed by enemy action[2].


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