University School

From Historical Hastings

This school was formerly the 'West Hill House School', the school being based in West Hill House and run initially by the Rev. W. Porter[1]. This building was rapidly out-grown and so a new site and building was opened in Hastings.

New Building

A new 'University School', built at Step Meadow (junction Holmesdale Gardens and Redmayne Drive) was opened in 1874[2]. It was designed by the Architect Thomas Elsworthy of St Leonards. It was a large building, with a square tower on its north-east corner.

During WW1 it is believed that the building was temporarily run as a hospital 'St Johns'; the hospital opening around 1911 and reverting back to the school by 1923.

In 1932 it was demolished by the Royal East Sussex Hospital, which opened a nurses’ home on its site in July 1934 (now demolished).


References & Notes