Thomas Brett (1788-1826)

From Historical Hastings

The Blacksmith Thomas Brett (some spellings show Britt - possibly due to the fact that it would appear that he could not read or write (based upon placing his 'mark' upon official documents) was found dead in a fishing boat during 1826 by his son, Thomas, the cause of death being arsenic poisoning (although no evidence of him having purchased the poison was found by an in quest)[1] - he having recently purchased a part share in the vessel[2].


Children of: Short name: Thomas Brett

and Joined with-g1: Sarah Ranger (1792-1870)  ¢

Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Brandon Brett (1816-1906) 30 May 1816 4 April 1906 Celia Barden (1821-1900)

Maria/Matilda Britt (1817-1818)


Henry Brett (1820-1897)


Sarah Ann Brett (1822-1903)


William Brett (1825-1866)


Martha Britt (1827-)



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