Thomas Baker Baker (1801-1857)

From Historical Hastings

Thomas Baker Baker was a solicitor who practiced in Hastings. Born to a bigamous father, he adopted his mother's surname when the deception was uncovered - apparently, his father utilised the two middle names of 'Anthony George' to mask his real identity - this gave rise to his unusual doubled surname of Baker.

Having practiced at the King's Bench, he was admitted as an attorney at the Hastings Court of Record on the first of May, 1823, working for many years as Clerk of the Peace. Marrying Sarah at Guestling, where she had been residing in 1830, the Rev. Webster Whistler, of Hastings, conducted the marriage service and Mr. William Gill, partner of the Hastings Old Bank gave away the bride[1].

The couple had six children, of whom one lived less than a year and resided at 80 High Street. Sarah died on the 22nd of April, 1847 and was buried at All Saints Church

References & Notes

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