The Firs

From Historical Hastings

The Firs was a football ground which used to be home to Hastings Town and St Leonards Football Club. It's early history is connected to the Pilot Field, which it was a part of before becoming a separate venue. Originally known as the 'upper pitch' after the Pilot Field had been levelled into two pitches in the 1920s, the ground became home to Hastings Town after they were forced out of the Pilot Field. The ground was at some point named the Firs and facilities were upgraded throughout its history, including the construction of the clubhouse and main stand.

Hastings Town moved back to the Pilot Field in 1985, following the demise of Hastings United and the Firs played host mostly to youth and reserve team football. In 1992 STAMCO moved from their old pitch in Pett and would stay at the ground until they themselves folded in 2004.

The ground then played host to local football, before a 5-a-side astroturf pitch was constructed on one half of the pitch, the ground would later go on to host youth team football and is currently home to the Hastings Pirates baseball team.

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