St. George's Hill

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This is the part of the East Hill that slopes down to form the eastern slope of the Old Town valley, and was owned by the Milward Estate during the 19th Century. It also encloses St Georges Graveyard. Although there has never been a St. George's Church in Hastings, it is suggested that this may refer to the church at Brede, and the Manor of Brede certainly owned much land in the Hastings area[1]

Field Names

John Shorter 1769 Map of Milward Estate

These are the field names listed on John Shorter's 1769 map:

  • Church Field
  • Cliff Field
  • Fortway Field
  • Hanger Field
  • Long Slip Field
  • Mount Idle Field
  • Mill Field
  • Parsonage Field
  • Pit Field
  • Slow Field

Documentary History


References & Notes

  1. Histories of Hastings' Houses and Properties in three volumes: J. Manwaring Baines - Hastings Museum and Art Gallery