Shipwreck Museum

From Historical Hastings

Founded in 1967 by Dr Peter Marsden in an ex-Corporation stable block at Rock-a-Nore Road, the Shipwreck museum contains exhibits from two major historic shipwrecks – the Warship Anne, built in 1677, and the great 18th century Dutch East Indiaman, the Amsterdam, among other artifacts from shipwrecks around the world.[1]

With the recent increase in maritime history and archaeology, the museum has a number of projects in the pipeline ranging from small-scale projects such as a series of talks, to much bigger undertakings, including extending the museum premises, rescuing the Warship Anne from her watery grave and putting her on display, and building a modern reconstruction of a Roman ship, the remains of which are on display in the museum, with the intention of then sailing her in the Channel. In addition, the museum holds the archives collated by Dr Marsden which it intends to catalogue and ensure that the archive is preserved for future generations to explore.[1]

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