Rose Cottage (Gillsmans Hill)

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Rose Cottage (Gillsmans Hill)
General information
Address4 Gillsmans Hill
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Admin. Information
Electoral/Planning WardWISHING TREE Pre May 2018
Prop. Ref. No.100060045102
Listed Building
H.E. Ref. No.1043510

Located at number 4 Gillsmans Hill, work started to restore and bring this property back into use in 2020 that had remained empty for almost fifty years as a result of an abortive compulsory purchase scheme for road improvements in the 1970s. The property itself extends quite a distance to the rear of the timber-clad frontage on Gillsmans Hill and features a basement room, with two rooms on the ground floor and the same on the first floor. Current plans include re-building the derelict rear portion, which was believed to originally have been a store, and utilising the space to form three dwellings in total; two to the rear and one at the front[1].

Grade II Listed (Historic England listing 1043510)


References & Notes

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