Princes Hotel

From Historical Hastings

This public house was built in 1864 (the same year as The Cricketers at the other end of South Terrace) and named the Princes Hotel after the two nephews of Richard III (Edward V, King of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York), the infamous "Princes in the Tower".

The original pub was quite small but in 1996 the house next door at 9 South Terrace[1] and three years prior to this, part of the old Tapner and Woodman furniture depository at 10 Cornwallis Street[2] were purchased and incorporated to enlarge the premises.

In 1921, the bar area was modified to incorporate a circular bar - the proprietors claiming this permitted better supervision of the patrons[3].

The pub was renamed Pissaro's in 1994 after the French impressionist painter Lucien Pissaro who painted eight scenes of Hastings in the early 1900s.


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