Pebsham Motor Racing Circuit

From Historical Hastings

During 1954, there were plans put forward for approval to develop land adjacent to Pebsham Farm as a motor-racing circuit. The plans were extensive and expensive with the work estimated to cost £175,000, including space for not only the track but all the associated facilities including a 'hover-plane landing pad';[1] this being designed to permit landings of helicopters. In terms of capacity, the circuit had space for 70,000 spectators and parking spaces for 10,000 vehicles.

There were a number of objections to the plans, key of which were Bexhill Town Councils rejection of the plan as being detrimental to Bexhill's reputation as a seaside resort.[2]

The main objections from Bexhill Town Council were[2]:-

  1. It would have removed agricultural land
  2. The track would be detrimental to Bexhill as a seaside resort
  3. The approaches to the site were deemed unsatisfactory
  4. The increase in traffic volume was seen as excessive
  5. Bexhill Town Council had rejected the plans (some of the affected land was in their borough).

As a result, the plans were rejected when they went to the County Council for approval. An unsuccessful appeal was lodged against the refusal.

The plans were re-visited in 1958, however feelers put out to Bexhill Council suggested that the mood had not changed with regards to this idea.


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