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The P. P. Series of real photographic cards of Sedlescombe, Winchelsea, Hollington, St Leonards, Hastings, Rye and other places in East Sussex are produced by an as yet unknown photographer. The pictures date from the early 1920s, and 1920 and 1921 postmarks have often been recorded.[1]

All of the photographs are labelled "P. P. Series" and were black and white as opposed to sepia.Due to aging, they have yelllowed, gaining a sepia cast. There are no borders and captions are hand-written. The handwriting in most cases resembles that on cards of many parts of Britain that were supposedly produced by Bender and Co. of Croydon, mostly about 10 to 12 years earlier. However, the caption on a card of the submarine stranded on Bulverhythe beach on January 9, 1921, has clearly been written by a different hand.[1]

Many P. P. cards are numbered - the highest number noted is 104 on a Sedlescombe card.[1]

One possibility needing investigation by collectors is that the future proprietor of Potter's Photo Stores of Hastings marketed the "P. P. Series" cards, intending the name to be shorthand for "Potter's Photo Series".[1]

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