Nicholas Wingfield (1715-1759)

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Nicholas Wingfield was a mariner, privateer and smuggler. Obtaining his Letter of Marque authorising him to act as a privateer on the 1st of February 1758. This letter authorised him to equip and arm his vessel, the Roebuck to 'set upon by force of arms and to subdue, sieze and take the Men of War, ships and other vessels, goods, moneys and merchandise belonging to any French persons. His vessel was about 50 tons and carried 6 carriage and four swivel guns with a crew of forty men. John Sargent was named as Lieutenant, John Willis the gunner, Charles O'Niell boatswain, John Page carpenter and John Payne was the surgeon.

Capturing the De Jefferies Lucia on the 24th of April 1758, the vessel was taken into Portsmouth with a cargo of five pieces of Brandy and twenty five casks of white wine and other goods. This vessel was ultimately returned to the owner, he having proved that he was not connected to the French. They went on to capture the Anna Rosina on the 15th of July 1758. This vessel was brought to Hastings with a cargo including over 100 casks of sugar, three bales of cotton and 79 bags of coffee. Again this vessel was found to have no connection with the French and was returned to its owners.[1]

Capturing the Danish ship, Der Reisende Jacob in the summer of 1758 with another privateer of Hastings, Adam Hide, was the mistake that led to his early demise. After being captured and tried by the Admirality, Wingfield and Hide were both condemned to death for robbery and piracy on the High Seas. On March the 27th 1759, the two Privateers were hung at Executioners Dock on the north bank of the Thames[2]


Children of: Short name: Nicholas Wingfield

and Joined with-g1: Hannah Brett (1715-1801)

Name Birth Death Joined with
Hannah Wingfield (1740-1801)


Nicholas Wingfield (1741-1780)


George Wingfield (1742-1799) 1742 1799 Mary Phillips (1742-)

John Wingfield (1743-1780)


Richard Wingfield (1746 - 1813)


Peter Wingfield (1748 - 1819)


Thomas Wingfield (1751-1801)


Hannah Wingfield (1753 - 1853)


Benjamin Wingfield (1758-1842)



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