Mount Pleasant Hospital

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Mount Pleasant Hospital
General information
Address7 Frederick Road
Postal CodeTN35 5AA
Admin. Information
Electoral/Planning WardTRESSELL Pre May 2018
Prop. Ref. No.200003861554

Originally the Borough Sanatorium, this hospital later became the Tuberculosis and isolation hospital in 1918. On the creation of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1946, it was renamed the Mount Pleasant Hospital, though was actually in Frederick Road. The hospital had an incinerator located adjacent to it for disposal of any contaminated waste. By 1964, the hospital had grown to have four wards; A to D[1] - Ashburnham, Brede, Crowhurst and Dallington, each being housed in a bungalow style building. In 1973, a building was erected on the site to act as a social club for mentally handicapped children[2].

The site is now a brownfield site, although has been earmarked for housing on a number of occasions since the site was cleared. All that remains is a portion of the boundary wall bordering Farley Bank, a roundabout with a spur road that has been in existence since circa 2004[3] giving the only clues to a past/proposed future usage.


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