Marianne North (1830-1890)

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Marianne North
Born24 October 1830 Hastings
Died30 August 1890

Renowned botany artist. She has a mural painted of her likeness on The Imperial public house in Queen's Road. A botanical society in her name operates within the town with a view to establishing a botanic garden in the town. The society is based at the Jackson Hall at 11 Portland Place.[1].


From Hastings Botanic Garden

1871-72- Her first trip covered United States, Canada and Jamaica.

1873 - Brazil

1875 - Visited Tenerife and the Canary islands

1875-77 - A two year journey around the world. She painted flowers in California, Japan, Borneo, Java, and Ceylon.

1877 - Exhibited some of her paintings in Kensington Gallery

1878-79 - Visited India and travelled alone around the country. Produced 200 paintings.

​1879 - Exhibition of her paintings in a London gallery

1880 - Visited Borneo Australia and New Zealand (at the suggestion of Charles Darwin) and California. Produced 300 paintings in Australia.

1882-3 Travelled to South Africa.

1884 Travelled to the Seychelles Islands

1884–5 - ​Visited Chile - This was her last painting journey

1886: Moved to Mount House Alderley, Gloucestershire.

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