Lucien Pissarro (1863-1944)

From Historical Hastings

Lucien Pissarro (1863-1944), the son of another artist (Camille Pissarro), was a French impressionist painter. Coming to Hastings in 1918, he lived at High Wickham on the East Hill where there is a blue plaque in his honour.

Due to the restrictions imposed by WW1, Lucien needed a painting permit in Hastings; the authorities being concerned that German spies might learn secrets about coastal defences, he was forbidden from sketching views of the beach. Although he had become a British citizen, Pissarro's continental accent aroused suspicion amongst those who did not know him; according to his diary entry for 18th March 1918, he had stones thrown at him whilst painting All Saints’ Church! After this event, he reportedly took to hiding the easel in bushes to avoid any curiosity and having to speak to locals.

In 1918, he produced ten landscape paintings of Hastings[1].

References & Notes

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