John Goldsworthy Shorter (1805-1857)

From Historical Hastings

John Goldsworthy Shorter was Town Clerk of Hastings, who, suffering from a paralysis of the lower limbs which had afflicted him for six years prior to his demise, committed suicide on the 19th of August, 1857. In spite of his physical ailments, he held a number of responsible positions in the public eye and was wheeled to his various appointments by his attendant - James Weston. The Town Hall steps were modified by means of a wooden ramp to facilitate his access to the building. Among his other appointments, Brett records he was Clerk to the Borough Magistrates as well as the County Magistrates, Clerk to the Local Board and Clerk to the Commissioner of Taxes[1].

John left a wife and seven children and was interred at Hastings Cemetery on the 22nd of August[2]. In 1840, the Shorter family were resident at 86 High Street, from which address John Shorter and his partner practiced law[3].

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