James Eversfield (1795-1826)

From Historical Hastings

The second son of William Markwick, who had assumed the name of Eversfield, during 1807 in accordance with his Aunt's will. James lived in Denne Park, Sussex, Esq., becoming High Sheriff of Sussex in 1822.


Children of: Short name: James Eversfield

and Joined with-g1: Mary Crew (1795-1872)

Name Birth Death Joined with
Charles Eversfield (1822-1886) November 1822 9 January 1886 Isabella Piggot (1820-1902)

Anne Isabella Eversfield (1816-1902) 18 May 1816 21 January 1902 Charles Goodwin Bethune (1810-1864)

Sophia Eversfield (1819-1901)