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Hurst Court
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AddressThe Ridge
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Constructed in 1863 on land known as St Helens Estate, owned by Thomas Pope. The stone for the ​building​ was quarried on-site in a location known as 'The Dell' which appears on contemporaneous mapping. The ​building​ opened as a preparatory school for young men by Dr Thomas Reed in February of 1864 originally known as 'The College, Ore'.

Hurst Court

The ​building​ changed name to Hurst Court in 1866, following which, Jesuits took over the ​building​ in 1884, operating a Jesuit College from the site for a few years. The ​building​ then reverted back to usage as a preparatory school until its closure in 1968. Mr Lloyd Griffith was headmaster in 1901, with Richard J. S. Curtis recorded as being a master at the school since 1917 and headmaster from 1933 to circa 1961, Mr. Curtis retiring in 1968[1].

WW2 Usage

During the second world war, the ​building​ saw temporary use as a military establishment; the school having been evacuated to Telford in Shropshire[2]. The ​building​s were damaged by a V1 flying bomb in this period[3].

1970s Usage

Hastings Youth Trust took over the ​building​ in January of 1970 operating a residential conference and training centre in the ​building​.

The ​building​ was finally demolished in 2009 following a fire and re-developed as a restaurant; the Conqueror's Rest.


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