Friends Meeting House

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Friends Meeting House
Friends Meeting House
General information
Address5 South Terrace
Postal CodeTN34 1SA

This ​building​ at 5 South Terrace was built circa 1865 to a design by the Quaker architect William Beck and intended mainly for visiting friends rather than residents. A caretaker's flat was added around 1920[1].

Quakers started to meet each other during the summers around 1833 - these meetings being largely informal. Donations for a permanent meeting house were solicited in 1836, but the meeting ceased and any donations returned. In 1859, visitors met in the reading room provided at Southall's Marine Library - C. H. Southall being a Quaker. The site was purchased in 1864 for £1,420 and ​building​ operations commenced a year later, with the ​building​ opening in 1866[1].


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