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Eversfield Mansions

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Eversfield Mansions
General information
Address5 Eversfield Place
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Brett reveals that these premises at 5 Eversfield Place were constructed on the site of Cliff Cottages around 1851[1].

Eversfield Mansions later appears as a lodging house, run by the Misses Anne and Elizabeth Jones following their move to the sea-front premises in December 1889 from running premises in Eastbourne[2][3], the rooms being advertised as far afield as Birmingham[4]. It would appear that their fortunes declined, for in July of 1893, it was reported that they were petitioning for bankruptcy, them having no funds to meet their rent and other creditors[2].

In April 1890, M. Compagnoni took possession of the ground floor and opened a confectionary store/cafe[5].

By December of 1893, the premises would appear to have been run by Mrs. Robson (ex. Claremont House)[6], and 1898 by two un-named ladies[7].


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