Ecclesbourne Glen Rifle Range

From Historical Hastings
The range in use during WW1

This shooting range situated across Ecclesbourne Glen, with the targets situated on the eastern side and firing points across the glen to the west was set up circa 1875 as initially a long-range Cinque Ports Volunteers firing range with a distance of 600 yards[1].


A number of trophies were competed for in an annual competition; the 'Kalakua Cup', the Mrs Colonel Tubbs' Cup and the 'Lady Brassey Prize' which was known to take place around 1903, the competitors being members of the local Volunteers; the ranges being competed over being given as 200, 400 and 500 yards[2]. By 1909 mapping showed the additional firing points as having been set out at 500 and 400 yards[3]. The firing range most likely fell into disuse following World War One, the range having been utilised for training troops during this conflict.

Spent cartridges were numerous on the surface near the firing points and targets during the period leading up to the 1970s and may still occasionally turn up to this day. During the construction of the firing points, a prehistoric earthwork running approximately northwest to southeast may have been disturbed at the southern end[4][5]


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