Dunkirk Rescue

From Historical Hastings

As part of Operation Dynamo - the operation to recover as many troops from Dunkirk as possible, the lifeboat Cyril and Lilian Bishop, fire float and the following boats from the Fishing fleet were commandeered; Industry, Boy Billie, Boy Bob, Henry Harris, Good Luck, Edward and Mary, Leading Star, Little Mayflower, Mayflower and Oritara. Sailing to Folkestone harbour, the vessels joined many others from along the south coast. There was an Observer reporter on the fire float who described the departure of many vessels as not dissimilar to a regatta with vessels of all shapes and sizes. Pleasure cruisers from Brighton joined the fleet also, notably the Brighton Queen who was sunk following a bombing attack on the second day of the operation. In the event, none of the fishing fleet were utilised, but the Cyril and Lilian Bishop retrieved many stranded service-men but sustained some damage to the bow in doing so.[1]

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