Charles Eversfield (1683-1748)

From Historical Hastings

M. P. for Horsham. Although not a resident of Hastings, the Eversfield estate held many lands in the Borough of Hastings so the family tree is of some importance here, although I have not researched the family tree beyond this generation.


Children of: Charles Eversfield M. P.

and Mary Duncombe (1686-1714)

Name Birth Death Joined with
Henrietta Eversfield (1704-)


Leonora Eversfield (1706-1756)


Charles Eversfield (1708-1784) 1708 26 November 1784
Charlotte Eversfield (1708-)


Olive Eversfield (1710-1803)


Mary Eversfield (1712-1782) James Markwick (1710-1782)

Sophia Eversfield (1714-)


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