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Hastings was very much in the front line for most of the Napoleonic war, this being evidenced by the troops stationed in the town during that period;

1794 Berkshire Militia

Wiltshire Militia

1795 Royal Artillery
1796 Dorsetshire Militia
1797 Worcestershire Militia

Cumberland Militia
South Hants Militia

1798 Worcestershire Militia

Bedfordshire Militia
East Kent Militia

1799 Sussex Militia

Lanark & Dumbarton Fencible Cavalry

1800 Westminster Militia
1803 Carnarvon Militia

40th Foot

1804 40th Foot

44th Foot
11th Light Dragoons

1805 40th Foot

East Norfolk Militia
10th Light Dragoons
88th Foot
4th Foot

1806 3rd Regt. of Cavalry

Royal Artillery
16th Light Dragoons
8th Regt.
14th Regt.

1807 6th Dragoon Guards

Northumberland Militia

1808 2nd Bn. King’s German Legion

Leicestershire Militia

1809 London Militia
1810 Bedford Militia

50th Regiment

1811 Leicestershire Militia
1814 58th Regt.

Known Napoleonic Defences

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